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Bethesda Green, ecobeco, and event sponsors will present a free series of panel discussions focusing on greening condominiums. The five monthly sessions are scheduled at Bethesda Green on the first Wednesday every month through July. Sessions will start at 7 pm with networking and light appetizers. Formal presentations begin at 7:15 pm and conclude at 8:30 pm.

Greening Condos targets residents, boards, property managers, and companies that provide green services to condominiums. The goal is to make it easier for residents to take action to improve their building's environmental impact, to save energy, and to lower their utility bills for both units and common areas.

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Program Descriptions

Session 1: March 2, 2011
Introducing Energy Audits for Condo Buildings – Benefits for Units, Common Areas and Community

Learn the basics of Energy Audits, including their benefits, scope of coverage and costs.  Reuven Walder, Vice-President of ecobeco, will describe the scope and costs for Energy Assessments, a starter product for buildings looking to build momentum for efficiency programs; Robert Burgess, from engineering  firm Ted Ross Consulting, will discuss the scope and costs of an Investment Grade (also called "Level 2") Whole-Building Energy Audit; Ellen Embry, from Pepco, will provide an overview of Pepco’s Commercial & Industrial Program and discuss incentives for making buildings more energy efficient; and Eric Coffman, Energy Manager for Montgomery County, will announce Montgomery County's Multi-Family Grant Program.

Session 2: April 6, 2011
Organizing a Green Team in Your Building – How to Mobilize Your Board and Your Neighbors to Save Energy, Money and the Environment


Hear how board members, property managers, and activist residents at several condominiums have used community and peer pressure to motivate Condo associations to green their buildings.  Adam Landsman, Energy Manager at Abaris Realty, will give a property manager perspective.  Panelists will share their experiences in three areas:  1) How boards can rally their communities to participate in eco-friendly options;  2) How residents can convince boards to begin eco-friendly programs; and 3) The role of property managers in facilitating action on "Greening" programs.

Session 3: May 4, 2011
No-Cost / Low-Cost Ways to Get Started Creating an Eco-Friendly Building

Condo residents and boards are concerned about the costs and disruption involved with making their buildings more eco-friendly.  Yet many of the steps are very low cost or free.  Condos can use the recovered savings to fund efficiency improvements.  It’s a virtuous cycle with lasting environmental impact. Speakers include Montgomery County Recycling; representatives from Pepco's Home Energy Savings Program; Jim Pierobon from the Maryland Clean Energy Center, a portal for energy efficiency and clean energy information; Gary Skulnik, President of Clean Currents, a clean energy supplier; and Reuven Walder, author of ecobeco’s Tenant Education Program.

Session 4: June 1, 2011
Lower the Cost of Energy Efficiency Improvements for Your Building – Incentives and Financing That Save Money

Once a Condo Building’s Energy Audit is complete, the  Condo board will be presented with a prioritized list of actions it can take to improve efficiency.  How is this work funded? This panel first explores incentive programs (both grants and financing) available from Pepco or through government sources.  Second, Monument Bank will describe how loans are given for these improvements and what boards can expect in terms of credit requirements and loan terms.  Finally, a tax accountant will describe how Federal Tax Credits for common area improvements can roll through the non-profit association to the benefit of each individual owner of the building. Speakers include HL Ward, President of Monument Bank; Ellen Embry from Pepco's Commercial & Industrial Program; Walt Auburn, Director of Efficiency Programs at the Maryland Energy Administration; and a tax accountant.

Session 5: July 6, 2011
Eco-Friendly Exteriors – Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Green Roofs, and eco-Landscaping

Learn what conservation actions your Condo can take on the outside of your building. Condominium buildings with large, unobstructed, flat roofs are prime candidates for solar photovoltaic or solar water heating.  Buildings can install green roofs that cleanse water while reducing the absorption of heat by the roof, substantially lowering cooling costs.  Landscaping can also play an important role in reducing water run-off and lower cooling costs. Speakers include a solar PV installer, a solar water heater installer, a Green Roofer, a commercial landscaping firm, and a representative from Montgomery County's Rainscapes Program.




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