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Energy Tool Lending Library


In partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Bethesda Green is excited to launch the Energy Tool Lending Library. This program is intended to encourage members of the community to start thinking about energy efficiency in their homes.

These basic energy audit tools will be made accessible, with a refundable deposit, so county residents can explore the energy needs and waste that occurs in their homes. These tools are not intended to take the place of a full energy audit, but rather to encourage residents to start thinking about areas in their homes where energy losses may occur.

If you are interested in checking out any of the Energy Tools, please contact Sumi Shrestha at

Energy Audit Tools

1.      Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter – allows you to measure the energy usage of your appliances and displays their usage in Kilowatt-hours just like on your utility bill. Helps you determine the true cost of operating your home appliances.

2.      Advance Ballast Checker – Allows you to test the ballasts of your fluorescent fixtures to determine whether you have inefficient magnetic ballasts or energy-efficient electronic ballasts.

3.      Infrared Thermometer – This thermometer uses infrared technology to determine an object's surface temperature. It allows the user to check for hot and cold spots in the home, potentially signaling a lack of insulation or improper wiring.

4.      Heat Watch – A tool that combines air temperature and relative humidity to determine the human-perceived temperature in a room. This tool allows users to calibrate thermostats and check humidity settings for their home.

5.      Foot-Candle Light Meter – Measures and displays the light levels in a room, allowing users to determine whether their lighting levels are appropriate for the activities that occur in that room.

 The Energy Tool Lending Library will be operated at the Bethesda Green offices at 4825 Cordell Avenue, above the Capital One Bank


Refundable Deposit Amounts

1.      Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter - $20

2.      Advance Ballast Checker - $50

3.      Infrared Thermometer - $ 60

4.      Heat Watch - $ 50

5.      Foot-Candle Light Meter - $ 40

6.      Complete Energy Tool Bundle - $200

The deposit amount covers a loan of the tool or bundle package for a two week period. Once the tool or bundle is returned to Bethesda Green, the deposit will be returned to the user. If at the end of two weeks, items are not returned or Bethesda Green is not notified of extended use, the deposit will be forfeited to cover the loss of the equipment.

To access instructions for each of the library of tools, click on the name of the tool below.


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