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Bethesda Green Incubator Companies

Bethesda Green Business Incubator Companies

Business incubators accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies by providing business support resources and services.  The Bethesda Green Business Incubator, created in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, promotes the creation and expansion of green businesses that develop and supply environmentally sustainable technologies, products and services.

Bethesda Green works with and leverages Montgomery County's strengths to create a green industry cluster that will generate economic, environmental and social value for the County's businesses and residents.  Bethesda Green Business Incubator companies include:

A.I.R. Lawn Care

Zack Kline


A.I.R. (Atmosphere Improvement and Renewal) Lawn Care provides environmentally friendly lawn care services to residential properties in the DC metropolitan area. We use electric-powered equipment and sustainable methods in an effort to reduce the environmental problems conventional lawn care companies create.

Incubator Spotlight on A.I.R. Lawn Care by Dana Burton

Altenera Technology, Inc.
Morris Kaplan

Altenera Technology, Inc. is a start-up company focused on developing a proprietary technique to convert airflow energy into electricity with no rotating parts. The product -- a light, open-framework, Mobile Wind Panel -- is a combination of proprietary BreezBee® generating cells exploiting any turbulent airflow to produce electricity using flow-induced oscillations.

Incubator Spotlight on Alterna Technology by Dan Kulpinksi

Cyan Holdings, Inc.
Donna N. Joe, President & Co-Owner
Shelley N. Martinez, CFO & Co-Owner
Company Phone: 240-252-4437

Formed in 2009, Cyan Holdings, Inc. is a minority, women-owned business which provides environmentally sustainable (or “green”) products and services at the B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) levels.

Cyan’s mission is to use the power of business to promote positive social and environmental change at all levels of our society.

Cyan does business under two brand names. Doing business as Eco Home Store, an online retail website (, Cyan offers environmentally-conscious consumers affordable, attractive and quality eco-friendly products for their everyday household needs (i.e. home, family, garden and pets). Doing business as Eco Trade Source, Cyan works with both commercial businesses and government agencies to help these entities: (1) meet their sustainability goals/initiatives by providing consulting and advice on sustainable practices; and (2) meet their procurement requirements by supplying sustainable products at wholesale. 

Incubator Spotlight on Eco Home Store

Doo Consulting

Peter Doo, AIA, LEED AP

Doo Consulting provides services to guide, coordinate and administrate the LEED certification process under most USGBC Rating Systems and the Living Building Challenge. We help formulate and implement sustainable strategies for businesses and organizations and provide expertise to entities that want to innovate in their pursuit of sustainability.

Incubator Spotlight on Doo Consulting 

Energy Dynamics
Rami Loya, CEO

Energy Dynamics designs and manufactures innovative products that conserve energy, reduce pollution and minimize waste. Energy Dynamics devices capture and store wasted energy in the electrical system and then recycles it on demand. The devices maximize the efficiency of electrical system utilization at commercial, industrial and residential facilities, yielding savings of between 6-12% on energy consumption. Typical return on investment is between 18-30 months.

In addition Energy Dynamics conducts facility energy audits to identify areas where energy consumption can be curtailed in order to maximize energy efficiency.

Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes

Connie Griffith, President
Debra Kaufmann, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications

Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes is a line of unique sauces originated from recipes created by the Griffith family. The concept for Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes was created in 2006 by Ron Griffith. Ron, his mother, and his grandmother developed recipes for unique and delicious sauces and mixes, all of which Ron either created or “tweaked” to enhance flavors and textures.  Ron began to investigate marketing his family’s proprietary recipes but his desire to bring his dream to fruition was halted when he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a progressive, neurological disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, in 2007.

During Ron’s illness, he shared his recipes, along with his dream, to his wife, Connie, and when he passed away in November 2011 at the age of 58, Connie established Gator Ron’s.  Connie is fulfilling Ron’s desire to provide healthy, all natural, delicious sauces, with no gluten ingredients, along with recipes for low-fat preparations, to food lovers everywhere.  Initial products will include Gator Ron’s Angel Wing Sauces, Gator Ron’s Heavenly Barbeque Sauces, and Gator Ron’s Divine Bloody Mary Mixes. A percentage of proceeds from all sales of Gator Ron’s products will be donated to ALS research to help find a treatment, and ultimately a cure, for ALS.

Incubator Spotlight on Gator Ron's

Mike Kennedy 

GreenSavings.Coop (the “Coop”) is a local cooperative that is working to counter some of the current trends that are compromising our communities, our environment and our local economies. The Coop is a consumer-owned cooperative that harnesses the collective buying power of its Members to provide major discounts on a wide array of energy saving products and services such as home energy analysis, weatherization, solar hot water and electricity, geo-thermal, residential and commercial heating and air conditioning, and "green" design and building/remodeling. It connects its consumer Members with its network of local Supplier Members, all of which are pre-qualified by the Coop and provide high quality energy saving products and services.

Incubator Spotlight on the Coop by Dana Burton

Joyful Bath Co. LLC
Rochel Roland CEO | Chief Bath Mixologist

Joyful Bath Co. is a lifestyle brand that embraces the joy and ritual of bathing by offering all-natural luxurious therapeutic bath products. Whether a warm, soothing face wash or long hot soak in the tub, we encourage you to transform your everyday routine into a joyful bathing experience.

Joyful Bath Co.’s current product line includes bath salts and soaps in six scents playfully named Citrus Buzz, Ginger Snap, Green Tea Glee, Mellow Yellow and Oatsy Floatsie. Natural ingredients including mineral-rich salts from the Mediterranean and Dead Seas; and organic extra virgin olive, palm and coconut oils mix with honey, buttermilk, ginger root, green tea, oats, coconut milk and pure essential oils. No perfume or synthetic fragrances. No parabens or preservatives. No artificial colors or dyes. No animal testing. No detergents. Rinses clean Great for sensitive skin…and noses! Pure, natural and healing–for the whole family. Did you take a bath today? ®

Incubator Spotlight on Joyful Bath Co. by Susanna Parker

Mark Leisher Productions

Green Roads TV / Media 4 Green

Mark Leisher Productions is a full service video and film production group comprised of a team of passionate filmmakers and marketers. We handle all aspects of production, post production and delivery.

Green Roads TV (GRTV) has strived to provide professional and insightful film content intended to inspire and encourage discussion in all issues dealing with the environment.Whether via the web or on select television channels, our hopes with its content is to inform and remind such viewers that we are all part of a much bigger world and should strive to leave a much smaller footprint.

Incubator Spotlight on Mark Leisher Productions by Dana Burton

Menare Foundation
Tony Cohen

The Menare Foundation, Inc. is a national non-profit organization working to preserve the legacy of the Underground Railroad. It operates the Button Farm Living History Center, which focuses on programs that create interactive history-based experiences, in which conservation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship are emphasized.
Montgomery County Food Council
Jessica Weiss (Coordinator)
The Montgomery County Food Council is an independent council formed and led by professionals, private businesses, government officials, individual members, community organizations, and educational institutions that broadly represent the food system both substantively and geographically.
Our mission is to bring together a diverse representation of stakeholders in a public and private partnership to improve the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of Montgomery County, Maryland through the creation of a robust, local, sustainable food system

Rock Creek Conservancy

Beth Mullin

Rock Creek Conservancy is a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting and restoring Rock Creek and its parkland, a green oasis in the heart of Montgomery County and Washington, DC. Since 2005, the organization (formerly called Friends of Rock Creek's Environment or FORCE) has worked for a safe, healthy, and beautiful Rock Creek. The Conservancy mobilizes thousands of volunteers each year for volunteer projects in the parks.

Incubator Spotlight on Rock Creek Conservancy

Savenia Labs
John Jabara

Savenia Labs is an independent testing laboratory and information services company that provides energy and environmental impact ratings on popular appliances and electrical products.

We produce information labels and ratings so individuals and businesses can choose energy saving and environmentally friendly alternatives while shopping.

Incubator Spotlight on Savenia Labs

SoFine Food
Sophia Maroon

SoFine Food is a start-up company that produces Dress It Up Dressing – a line of all-natural salad dressings.

At SoFine Food we consider our dressings inextricably linked to the environment and to the farmers who produce the fruits and vegetables on which those dressings taste so good. Consequently, one of our goals is to produce Dress It Up Dressing responsibly and sustainably. To that end we conduct lifecycle analyses of the production process, sourcing ingredients locally, minimizing travel times, shortening the food chain and practicing corporate responsibility.

SoFine Food was conceived from the start as a Green Business. Our involvement with Bethesda Green gives us many more tools with which to realize that goal.

Sustainable Systems International
John Spears

Sustainable Systems International (SSI) develops manufactures, and services modular, sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure systems. Solar power milk chillers for off grid applications are the company’s initial product. Future plans include products to meet fundamental needs for electricity, clean water, sanitation, communications & housing.


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