Friday, April 18, 2014

Incubator Spotlight
Savenia Labs

“Switching to more efficient appliances can save consumers billions of dollars, and reduce the need for new power plants that emit air pollution,” says John Jabara, Founder of Savenia Labs, one of the founding startups in the Bethesda Green Business Incubator.  “The problem has been a lack of energy or environmental impact information for most popular electrical categories.”

John started Savenia Labs to provide some answers.  Since 2009, a team of scientists and researchers working with Savenia Labs perfected its 10-step process of independently testing popular appliances to determine each model’s energy usage. The result is a Savenia Labs Energy Rating—an easy-to-read store label now available in Strosniders True Value Hardware Stores in Bethesda and Silver Spring, MD.

Savenia Labs found that the price you pay for household appliances only tells half the story on how much the appliance will cost you. In some cases less than half. The most energy hungry coffeemakers cost over $500 to run over a 5-year lifetime, while the energy saving models cost around $30. Now consumers can access this new energy cost information before they buy.

John thinks appliance retailers are best placed to provide this information on store shelves where consumers are looking to save money. “While consumers are saving money and being environmentally conscious, retailers benefit through increased sales, market share and loyalty by giving their customers information which draws them to the store and keeps them coming back.”

“We want to transform the way individuals and businesses think about choosing products. Once people see how much it costs to power appliances they have in their homes and use every day – they’ll think differently about what they buy. Manufacturers will respond and make even better products – magnifying savings,” says Jabara.

See the Savenia Labs Energy Ratings in action on appliances at Strosniders Hardware stores in Bethesda and Silver Spring.

Savenia Labs
Contact: John Jabara

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