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Incubator Spotlight - Mark Leisher Productions 

By Dana Burton

Mark Leisher Productions

Few of us would get a positive response from listing “road warrior” as a credential. Mark Leisher does. He spent months traveling the United States, living in small towns, stopping at beaches, mesas, salt licks and town halls with his videographer’s kit, building a huge inventory of stock footage that has turned into a business for him called HD But this is just a prelude to Leisher’s real mission: to tell the story of the work of scores of us to recycle and renew cities, towns and landscapes; to sustain our planet.

Mark Leisher Productions, Green Roads TV, and Media 4 Green are the three hats Leisher wears in his quest. The production company is a for-profit vehicle to bring a full line of videography and other services such as direction, audio and post-production work to paying customers such as Under Armor. Green Roads TV is a social media platform for “green” video content that focuses on the “green” activities happening around us to promote these values. The program is called “Building Green in Maryland.” Green Roads TV is also a research lab into the social media distribution format. Media 4 Green is a not-for-profit organization to raise funding for films that document sustainability events that will not be made by reliance on for-profit mechanisms.

Leisher plans to wear whichever hat will help him to bring a sustainability story to life at the time. He plans to use new formats such as the video news release, distributed through social media such as Green Roads TV and funded by sponsorships in Media 4 Green. Being a Bethesda Green incubator company helps him tap into the area’s sustainability network to craft a unique combination of production and financial support for stories Leisher sees have the potential to influence the spread of “green” values. Mark Leisher is a warrior on a new kind of road now.

Mark Leisher Productions
Green Roads TV / Media 4 Green / HD

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