Sunday, April 20, 2014

Incubator Spotlight

Doo Consulting


hat uses 12% of our water and 70% of our electricity, while putting out 30% of all greenhouse gases and 65% of all waste?" asks Peter Doo, president of Doo Consulting LLC, a Bethesda Green incubator company. "The answer is…buildings!"

It was in 2001 that Doo, then an architect of over 20 years experience, first glimpsed the difference he could make in the lives of his children and of future generations -- by designing green buildings.  

Inspired by an international conference on green building, he not only began to design green buildings, but to advocate for shifts in building codes, to make green building common practice in his home state of Maryland. "My fellow advocates and I worked to get a law passed that required all state-funded projects in Maryland to meet minimum green standards," explains Doo.  

Doo was inspired by their success and started a consulting firm to expand his impact. He moved from designing one building at a time as an architect to assisting numerous architects, contractors, developers and municipalities in designing green buildings and developing green alternatives to "standard business practices."

To date, Doo Consulting has certified dozens of green buildings under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, developed an international competition to explore the sustainable characteristics of building materials, and assisted municipalities in developing its own set of green standards and sustainability metrics.

"Today, we are actively bringing our strong knowledge of buildings and sustainable practices to the Bethesda and greater DC area," explains Doo. "We are excited to be providing our services to Bethesda Green and Capital One to create a green building right here in Bethesda."

The Capital One Bank building at 4825 Cordell Avenue, the location of Bethesda Green and its incubator companies, will be certified under the LEED for Existing Buildings rating system.

"We will help to implement green retrofits, green leases, and green policies," says Doo, "earning Capital One and Bethesda Green a credential that demonstrates their commitment to sustainable business practices and creating a best-in-class office building in the heart of Bethesda."

Doo Consulting provides educational presentations, LEED certification services and strategic sustainability services in the greater Washington metro area.

Doo Consulting LLC
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