Saturday, April 19, 2014
Incubator Spotlight
A.I.R. Lawn Care 

by Dana Burton

Every April, the Boys of Summer return. The grass shows that dark green color. Readers undoubtedly expect allusions to “Field of Dreams” here. But this is not about baseball. The subject is lawns.

Zack Kline is one of those Boys of Summer. He has already spent several cutting grass from Darnestown to Derwood fo
spotlightr someone else. Now Zack’s spring training is to perfect a pitch for his A.I.R. (Atmosphere Improvement and Renewal) Lawn Care to cut grass for denizens of Bethesda and its environs.

Entrepreneurship runs in the Kline family; Zack’s dad has a remodeling firm. A.I.R. Lawn Care stakes out some new ground in the Kline family and the small service firm model. All of his equipment is battery-powered. It does not leave a carbon footprint or pollute the air with gasoline engines. Like other businesses that get their start at the Bethesda Green Incubator Program, Zack’s customers will not pay extra for the knowledge that they are caring for the environment while getting their lawns cut.

Zack developed his ideas about the small lawn care company as part of the Bernstein Business Plan Competition at S
alisbury University last year. He was so persuasive that he won the competition and the first place prize of $5,000. That money capitalizes A.I.R. Lawn Care. Like many service firms, success for Zack will be to maximize his capacity for the lawn care business in a life with a full-time sales position.

Zack wants to start working with homeowners: the retired, those pressed for time by job or else, aging Baby Boomers who have too much lawn for aching backs and knees. But he already sees the day that his high-quality lawn care will bring commercial business such as corporate accounts, local governments or non-profits.  Success is in the grass and the A.I.R. for Zack Kline.

A.I.R. Lawn Care
Zack Kline

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