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Recycling and Sustainable Materials

Recycling and Sustainable Materials



Fact: Most of what we throw out could be recycled. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – in that order!

Reducing your consumption and reusing products limits the use of natural resources. Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, scrap metal and a range of household and office materials prevents these items from filling up landfills and polluting soils and water. Recycling also reduces the amount of natural resources extracted by replacing virgin materials with recycled materials in the manufacturing process.

Creating products from recycled materials also requires less energy, which in turn produces fewer climate-harming emissions. So recycling saves energy and helps reduce the impact of climate change. It’s a win-win solution!

Recycling Locally

Montgomery County’s Division of Solid Waste Services makes it easy for county residents to recycle a wide range of materials through its comprehensive and convenient programs and resources. The county provides information about how to recycle everything from plastic bottles to cooking oil, as well as learn how to reduce their overall waste. A variety of services and resources for businesses and residents are available, including:

  • County recycling bins for curbside collection.

  • Waste reduction tips.

  • Recycling volunteer program

  • Business recycling handbook.

  • Recycling information for property managers.

Bethesda Green Projects

Bethesda Green manages and promotes the implementation of projects that reduce landfill waste, pollution, and toxic materials by optimizing the use of reclaimed, recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Through programs and events such as E-Cycling Day, Bethesda Green hopes to provide valuable opportunities and information to area residents and businesses about recycling and sustainable materials.

Contact Bethesda Green to learn how you can get involved with recycling programs and events.

Case Studies/Successes

  • E-cycling Day – Bethesda Green sponsors E-cycling (that’s Electronics Recycling) events in partnership with Montgomery County. Find out what and when you can recycle at these events.

  • Public Recycling Bins in Bethesda – Bethesda Green, Bethesda Urban Partnership, and Federal Realty Investment Trust have teamed up to place dozens of recycling bins in downtown Bethesda.

  • Recycling 101 – In partnership with Montgomery County, Bethesda Green regularly sponsors overview programs drawing dozens of attendees who learn about the county’s recycling services.

Learn More

  • Recycling Resources – Check our Resources section for helpful links.

  • Search our site using key words with the search tool.


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Recycling and Sustainable Materials:  Learn all about how to recycle locally in Montgomery County, Maryland, and find out what Bethesda Green is doing regarding recycling and sustainable materials. Read about our recycling successes and find links to more recycling resources.

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